Thursday, January 28, 2016

Final Thoughts

One highlight from this year was creating the linoleum prints. This is because I had done them before in a class in 8th grade so it really took me back to when we did that. It was sort of a struggle to get them to look good but I think they came out looking fine. Another highlight I had from this year was the Unsung Hero Portrait. This is because I really got to learn about the person I did and the company. I really like to make portraits and thats why I liked doing this one. This has really impacted the way I think of unsung hero's. This has been a fun and event full year and i'm glad that I took Graphic art and design.

Artwork of which I am most proud of

• The piece of art work that I am most proud of is one of my adjective designs. It is my favorite because it really contrast and pops and it hid the adjective in a creative way. This impacted how I did a lot of my art. It helped me find ways to contrast in certain images. This is also a fun piece of art work because it is not for a big prize or anything. I created this piece just by me, no one else and thats what makes this so special to me.

BBM T-Shirt


  • To use creative problem-solving skills to design a t-shirt for an annual tennis tournament that raises money for the Cancer Community Center of Maine;
  • To understand the importance of being involved in a real-life, authentic learning experience.

Here are my pictures

• this was a challenging project that had to be done in a short time. I think if I had a little more time I could have made better quality art pieces. One challenge that I had was that i'm all about quantity over quality and this made it challenging to get nice pieces of artwork out. I would try to slow down and make them look better but after a few minutes of that an hour had already past and then I just had to finish them up quick. I really wish I spent more time working on these to get some fine details in their. Most of it wasn't a challenge except for time.

• One of my success was using the criteria well. I tried to use as much of the criteria as possible. For example, I used only the colors we were provided with and I also used the font size we were supposed to use. Another thing I did well was having a big female presence. my first Image was a female holding a tennis racket and I think that this is one of my favorite ones. I used a lot of tennis related things like tennis and tennis balls and I think that this makes sense for the betty blakeman tennis tournament.

• The big question now is, am I happy with my final results? Yes and no. The reason I say this is because i'm happy with them but I wish I had more time to work on them. If I had just a little more time I would be very happy with how they turned out. Lastly, this project was very eye opening and it showed me that you don't always have a lot of time to do things so you better hope that you get them done before the deadline.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lino Prints


  • To become familiar with basic printmaking history, processes, and artists
  • To make connections among artists from our past and present who worked using this method;
  • To respond visually to printmaking artists by creating  editions of prints, using linoleum;  
  • To print 2 editions of 2 different drawings/designs, demonstrating understanding of the printmaking process.

Here are some of my prints.

This whole project was a problem for me. I apparently can’t do anything to do with print making. The bad thing is that I could not fix any problems. I hope that I atleast get an 80 on this.

The aspects that I am most proud of are the designs. They look good but once you try to print with them it just goes downhill. I liked these because they are stuff that I know so I can really connect with them.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Printmaking History, Processes and Artist

Pint making was first started in the 1400 and this made it so that you could print out different copies of one image. This was upgraded in the fifteen hundreds and they could start to make printed books. This would help scientist and other people learn or teach more. In the 1600 they made the wood print which would allow artist to make many drawings. Soon they started using metal pieces and would cut grooves in it, they would then press paper to it and they needed a special press for this to work. in the 17-1800 etching was favored over most other techniques. By the late 1800's they could implement color into their pictures.

Print making has been done in many different ways. First of all, Wood Cut is a print making strategy in which you would draw on a piece of wood then cut away the parts that would not receive color. Another way is Engraving, engraving is when they would cut a design on to a metal sheet. Another technique is Etching, etching is basically the opposite of wood carving where the cuts would receive the color and the top would not. And lastly Mezzotint is when they would make the surface of a copper sheet ruff and then smooth it out to get a stencil. These are just four of the many ways you can do print making.

inferno 1
Baccio Baldini

The Abduction of Pocahantes
Johann Theodor

The Spanish Fury
Hans Collaert

Friday, December 11, 2015

CD Cover and Back


  • To use knowledge and tools of Photoshop, along with conceptual design elements, Font, Color, & Layout to create a CD cover & back.

The name of my song is monody by the Fat Rat. I choose high intensity colors and a very simple design. The sky and the ocean contrast each other. This is because i used red and blue which are colors that contrasted each other. I also made the name of the album to be bold and intense in the sun.

The one challenge was making the back and front connect so that the look like one image. All I had to do was measure were the end points were. One other challenge I had was drawing the man. I’m not very good at drawing hands and heads so it was a struggle. It is not one of my favorite parts in the CD cover.

one of my success was the sun and the sky. I think it was the best part about this CD cover. Another success I had was with the ocean. It is a very simple design and only uses two colors but it mixes with the CD cover very well. One last thing was the horizon line. It made the sky transition into the water instead of just abruptly stopping.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sevee arteffect poster

  • To engage in a meaningful, authentic project and to have the opportunity to have your work selected for publication (in print and/or on their web site);
  • To use strong conceptual skills to re-design a flyer/poster for the LMC/ArtEffect Project;
  • To continue to develop understanding of Photoshop tools and work space;